Y. Bhekhirst

"I have become obsessed with Y. Bhekhirst. I am playing the "Hot in The Airport" cassette over and over and over again. I've had it for a good year and a half, and always loved it, but now I'm totally obsessed in a brand new way. I'm not laughing any more. It is so brilliant. It's Joy Division, plus Shaggs, plus Holger Czukay on downers... I really can't believe how good it is. Have you ever gleaned any information about this 'person'? I keep the scan of the 45 from your website on my Mac desktop at all times, so I can re-read the ridiculous label credits over and over and scan for clues. It seems so phony, but how could it be phony?" (Peter from Negativland, emailing "Incorrect Music".)

Irwin Chusid, in response: "You're spiralling into an abyss of dementia."

Y. update: Hot In The Airport mp3s available here!

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